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Affordable Recruitment

Frustrated by recruitment agencies charging exorbitant fees making professional help too costly ? Hotels and restaurants looking to fill vacancies are faced with exorbitant recruitment agent fees whom charge up to 12% of the annual salary with very little incentive to ensure the candidate stays in the job. The higher the staff turnover the greater the profitability for the recruitment agent at the expense of restaurants. There is an inherent misalignment of interests between the restaurant and the recruiter. We at Marshall Agency are pioneers in addressing the challenges of recruiting and retaining staff for the catering and hospitality industry. Having placed waiters, chefs, baristas and kitchen staff for over 10 years we understand the challenge of placing and retaining the right staff.

Innovative Solutions

Traditional recruitment agencies have not adapted to the industry reality of increasingly high staff turnover. A 'revolving door' culture has left over two-thirds of restaurants and hotels short staffed and costing the sector approximately £300m per year. Furthermore the vast amount of different career choices available to young people are making a career in hospitality less attractive. We are pioneers in creating a pay as you go model with staff on our payroll for a month allowing you to ensure it is the right candidate before transferring them to your payroll at a low fixed cost of £299.

Temporary Placements

We have simplified the recruitment of temporary staff to ensure you keep your business operating at full capacity with our fast and efficient hiring process. You can hire staff from one day to one year with ease. We manage the payroll so you only get one weekly invoice. Should you like to have the candidate on a permanent basis, we can arrange an easy transfer.

We Help You Find The Right Staff